Best Practices: How Much Do Adjunct Nursing Professors Make

what is an adjunct nursing instructor

It’s a chance to sharpen existing skills and receive advanced training yourself, and the service is noticed by the people above you. And preceptors can earn free continuing education units (CEUs) required of all certified nurses and which can cost $300 to $500. Nevertheless, nursing is hurting for preceptors across our profession. And we are losing promising nurses because of it, at a time when we can ill afford such turnover. What can we do? Nurse leaders are working on a few ideas, as plenty of us have seen both sides of the preceptor relationship. Help us out, please. To those of you who’ve never tried nursing faculty jobs teaching online or considered being a preceptor, why not? If you are or have been a preceptor, what drew you in and what helped and what hindered you in this role? All thoughts are welcome. Use the comments field if you wish to share.

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